Our Way of Functioning

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Finsys Infotech Limited. is one of the fairly successful companies, providing ERP Software Service + Customisation to corporates across India. We are also help your company in the streamlining the systems and making processes more efficient. We shall be using our Finsys ERP package ( Trade Marks, and Copyrights Regd. With us) for the same. And our "Way of Functioning" is one of the powers behind our success.

We help with "blending" Vision with practicality. We can vary our approach according to your size and volume. For Example, Currently our largest customer is at Rs 700 crores p.a. and smallest entry level is Rs 10 Cr p.a.

About Our Way of Functioning

Our way of functioning :

This will not be merely a sale of “Software C.D.” kind of a contract. Rather, we shall be assisting your company as Consultants. We shall be 

  • Understanding your Requirements, and Installing the Finsys E.R.P.

  • Helping make the properly grouped master files

  • Give your Softwares/Tips on Converting the Old data. ( for review purposes )

  • Training your Staff in the ERP.

  • Co-ordinating with the Computer Hardware people ( for Servers / Nodes / LAN ), Radio Frequency / Wireless / Firewall suppliers( for WAN ), Bar Code Readers and Printer suppliers (If required)

  • Understand the existing methods being followed in your company. And endeavour to blend the new ERP into the system.

  • New reports and forms may be designed to help facilitate the actual user’s needs, and facilitate his/her understanding.

  • Keeping in touch with you and giving you regular feedback on the progress.

Thus, the advantages of Finsys Team are  

  • Principle Software provider does the ERP implementation

  • Ideal ERP systems for Medium Enterprises and SMEs

  • Highly customizable product. 

  • Browser based web based edition exists for Directors CEO  COO , which they can use to browse even from their I-Pad, Android phones, or Blackberry

  • Product derives its value from the vision of Techno-functional Top Management

  • Can be tailor made for wide ranging Industries & Countries

  • High levels of Data Security

  • Finsys ERP runs on Oracle back- end and both ASP front end and / Visual Basic front end

  • Helps you boost productivity and thereby profits 


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