Company Overview

A company set up with global perspective in mind. Started by entrepreneurs with a vision to excel beyond horizons of the virtual information technology world, Finsys is a young and ambitious company on its way to become the preferred partner in growth for customers - large and small. Finsys is focused on providing innovative enterprise application solutions built around Finsys-ERP's Oracle Technology platforms.

Our expertise include wide-ranging expanse of work on Finsys-ERP Business Suite, Finsys-ERP PPC, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Intelligence and Supply Chain solutions on Finsys-ERP platform.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to make our mark first on a pan-Indian scene, and soon, on the global IT services market in providing value-added high quality IT solutions to our clients in selected horizontal and vertical segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships.  ( We are already serving Manufacturing Corporates in Zebel Ali FTZ, Dubai, UAE, and in Houston, Texas, USA. Also being used in Italy at the Head office of a Plastic Moulding Company )

We make work for our clients by infusing our services with disciplined program management, global delivery models, proven skills in collaboration, and world-class expertise in mobilizing distributed teams and talent. The outcome: we make clients businesses more efficient, more effective, and more valuable to their customers.

  • 289 Corporate Customers (as on 1st -Sept-2016)
  • 5 Nations of the World
  • 20 States & Union Territories within India
  • 491+ Factories / sites
  • 10,300 plus users
  • 30 Professionals
Year of Establishment  1992 
Primary Business Type  ERP Software Development and Implementations


Our Customers feel that, Finsys ERP, is a Brilliant "Artificially Intellegent" business application software...

They tell us that our company, the Finsys Infotech Limited, are a reasonably good  developer and supplier of commercial business systems. Thank you Patrons. 

We currently provide fully integrated software services and solutions to several hundred installations India-wide, 

  • North to South : from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in North, to Coimbatore, Pondicherry and Chennai in South.

  • East to West : from Kolkatta in East to Jaipur in West.

Our team of highly skilled industry professionals try to give you total peace of mind.


Our International unique D&B

 D-U-N-S Number Is 67-692-0299

We are a Credit Rated by SMERA = Awarded  SE-2A Signifies High Performance Capability and High Financial Strength. ( Upgraded from 2B to 2A, in year 2013-14 )


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7th August 2010 onwards

Finsys Group's corporate vision is
"to provide high quality applications software and value through technology - with support services that exceed customers expectations"



About Our Team member's Jest for ERP Work

Our ERP Consultants have a unique blend of skills and experience that extend beyond pure solution and are known in the industry for their professional, comprehensive results. 

They are responsible for:

ERP Management : Every company who want to grow rapidly in todays competitive marketplace need a proper ERP. Finsys Infotech Limited provides complete ERP Management tools. Now as per choice of the customer, we built their Supply Chain Management, Demand Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, PPC Management, Inventory cycle and so on.

ERP Management Solutions :With a bunch of many various types of software which is connected to the different different types of departments in the large companies. ERP Management team integrates information used by companies many different functions and departments into unifies computer system and provides the "right" ERP Management Solution with its experts team.

To understand the goal and effect of IT strategy planning, master the methods and skills of IT strategy planning, our ERP management Consultant are familiar with the processing and steps of IT strategy planning, and consultant's control the key point , difficult point and key successful factors of IT strategy planning.

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