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E-Circulars published by Finsys / MLG Authors, in recent past

Finsys Infotech Limited  and the MLG Team is honored to be a part of the I am SME of India, one of the largest SME body in India. As Writer , Author, Editor and other capacities, we have added our own knowledge and also done a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some of the circulars are produced herewith, for public domain knowledge.

Recent E-Circulars - 

5th August  2015     :  E- Circular : Finsys team releases the E circular on the "Levy of Service tax on Re-imbursements of the Expenses" norms, as laid down. Recent clarifications by Budget 2015 / Finance Act 2015.  Must for all service providers and all service receivers  

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12th March 2014     :  E- Circular : Finsys team releases the E circular on the "Corporate Social Responsibility" norms, as laid down in the Companies Act 2013. Notified now. all large companies to spend 2% of their profit on CSR activities. Must Read how it affects you 

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20th January 2014     E- Circular : TDS Logic has changed after 5 years
( reverts back to pre-2008 logic ). Calculate TDS on Basic Value Only. Yes it will affect every Business. Effective TDS Rate comes down from 10% on Gross to 8.90% on Gross for professionals, and 1.78% for Contractors. 

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4th January 2014     E- Circular : Want to Donate to a Political Party? Do it by cheque now.
All Limits removed ! New Companies Act, and Income Tax Act sec 80GGB
Service Tax on “LIC” Insurance : Begins now w.e.f. 1.1.2014.
New Land Acquisition Act, comes into Force w.e.f. 1.1.2014
Buying Agricultural Land … to get tougher / and Costlier

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26th October 2013 :   E- Circular on the TDS on installments being paid to HSIIDC / other builders for the purchase of property.

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2nd September 2013  : E- Circular : Do you have Purchase / Sale from any Related companies ? Domestic Transfer Pricing Norms and Returns Form 3CEB.  If amount is more than limits, then be ready to disclose everything to Govt, Else Pay Penalty of 2% of the Transactions. 
section 92BA guidelines for SDT.

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28th August 2013     : E- Circular : FSIA E-circular- 28 Aug 2013, Forex Crash USD Crosses 68, and Pound 106, BSE sensex below 17600. Reasons behind it, + Advice on Income Tax, Service Tax dates (2nd circular on forex topic in Aug 2013 )

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21st August 2013 :  E- Circular on the Stock Market Crash, Rupee Crash, Reasons behind it, + Advice on Income Tax, Service Tax dates

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21 June 2013 E Circular : TDS on Purchase of Property Section 194IA.  1% on TDS each time you pay for purchase of property over Rs 50 lakhs. 

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21 May 2013 E Circular : (Special 30% Bonus ( Additional Deduction ) for employing more “Blue Collar Workers” in your Factory (Section 80JJAA).   

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Finsys Yearbook 2012 : 24 pages, excellent info  download
6th Feb 2013 : OPC - the One Person Companies -- could be a reality in India soon, with the Companies Bill 2012 being passed by Lok Sabha - for details click here
12th Jan 2013 : ROC Form 18 Address Proof, verification by a CA / CS that your registered office is "Genuine" and not "Fake" for full circular click here

News about Mr Sangeet Gupta achieving First Rank in India in here 

1st October 2012 : E - circular : Service Tax on Reverse Charge basis- Advocates, Manpower services, etc --  click to see the full ecircular 

7th August2012: E - circular : Service Tax on Receipt Basis for small service providers (non corporate) . click to see the full ecircular 

29th July 2012: E - circular : Tax Audit Limit increased to Rs 1 crores p.a. see more. Professional to Rs 25 lakhs. TDS deduction compulsory limits also increased.. know more 

086  Validity of Cheques and DD dropped to 3 months, TDS returns comirng closer , TDS deposit dates, E Filing of Returns information, 1.64 crore returns E-filed in India, last year  Click here Alerts for TDS, RBI Chq validity
085  FSIA E Circular on the Budget 2012  : Excise Rate increased to 12%, MAT on Individuals, and many other changes and new laws 2012 with photos and graphs    PDF Copy,   Budget MS Word copy
084B--Excise Rate was increased from 10% to 12%.  How to adjust in Finsys ERP, see here <Click here > Excise in ERP
084  Very good Circular, for Salaried tax payers, know about the HRA, LIC payments, Infrastructure Bonds, Tax Rates, Tax savings ideas, and so on for year ending 31.3.2012   Asst year 2012-13    <click here>

Asst year 2012-13

083  Happy New Year 2012 -- Service Tax Railways, Stock market  full year 2011 trends  Click here
081 E- FSIA Ecircular Incometax 22-7-2011- with New ITR forms - Sahaj and Sugam, about the online TDS certificates, the last date of income tax returns and the format of income tax return in  USA  also has the income tax rates for `AY 2011-12
080_FSIA_Ecircular_19_Apr_2011 Point of Taxation Rules_2011, have been amended recently  Point of Taxation Rules 2011 - reg Service Tax
079_FSIA_Ecircular_16-4-11_Accrual_of_Service_tax_Cenvat_Modvat Service Tax Modvat new rules
078_FSIA_Ecircular_15_Apr_2011_Cenvat_rules and information regarding SIDBI Loans.pdf
077-2-Day Programme for MSME Associations Manesar Heritage Village Manesar (Resort Hotel) hosted this conference. 
076_FSIA_Ecircular_Union_Budget_Feb2011 Excerpts from the big LIVE event
075_FSIA_Ecircular_7_Feb_2011_TDS_staff_HRA_infra_bonds TDS and HRA Rules, guidelines etc
074_DeptNews_AssigningCasesLimits_Delhi your case will be assessed by the ITO or the DCIT ?
073_FSIA_Ecircular 18th_Jan_2011_MAT_is_18percent+cess = around 20% now Minimum Alternate Tax, is rising upwards , now going towards 20% . read this
072_FSIA_Ecircular_6th_dec_2010_Focus_market_scheme Great opportunity for the Exporters. 70 to 90% exporters dont know about this Focus Market scheme and Focus Product Scheme
071_FSIA_Ecircular_28th_Nov_2010-ROC_penalty_ increase,adv_tax,SMS,bank_intt How the ROC fees has increased and how to compute whether the bank has charged you the right CC interest ?
070_FSIA_Ecircular_3rd_Nov_2010-diwali_expenses How to account for the Business Promotion Expenses you do during the Diwali period ?
069_FSIA_Ecircular_6th_Oct_2010-Taxation ROC_alphabets for e filing of return, and invite for Commonwealth Games ROC alphabet wise filing, Inviting all members for the CWG Games
ecirculars/068_MLG_FSIA_Ecircular_24th_Aug_2010-Company Exit Scheme 2010 MCA ROC Company Easy Exit Scheme 2010
ecirculars/067_FSIA_Ecircular_16th_July_2010-TDS,_Income_tax reminder for the Tax returns July 2010, Issue of new TDS Certificates (quarterly(, Last Dates - Statutory, New TDS Cert, New TDS Rates
ecirculars/066_FSIA_Ecircular_IT_security_one_internet Model Internet Security policy for members
ecirculars/065_FSIA_Ecircular_4th_June_2010-TDS_changes Recent TDS Changes, TDS Cert, TDS deposit dates
ecirculars/064_FSIA_Ecircular_23th April-2010-Service_Tax_Rent Advising the Service tax is indeed leviable on the "Rent" of commercial property.
ecirculars/063_FSIA_Ecircular_22th_April-2010-TDS,VAT surcharge e-circular on TDS, VAT Surcharge in Haryana, TDS at 20% if no PAN, and TDS on Non Residents,  For detials  click here.
ecirculars/062_FSIA_Ecircular_24th_March-2010_reminder_for_tax Reminder that last date has come for the advance tax. Important reminders
ecirculars/061_FSIA_Ecircular_23th March-2010_tax savings_80C_(session_2_of_seminar_dt_20.3.2010).pdf Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta was the full day trainer for the Ministry of MSME seminar on training of MSME entrepreneurs. Some notes...
ecirculars/060_Report-Training Session on Financial & Tax Planning.pdf Another session from  Ministry of MSME -- seminar notes on tax planning..
ecirculars/059_FSIA Ecircular Budget 2-March-2010 v4.pdf Budget 2010. Mr Pranab Mukherjee
ecirculars/058_Schedule C for Sales tax.pdf
ecirculars/056_CBDT_Press_Fake_Emails_income tax refunds.pdf
ecirculars/052_Ecircular_FSIA_21-12-2009_New_Perquisite Rules v7.pdf
ecirculars/051_Ecircular_ FSIA_5-12-2009_GST Goods_Services_tax.pdf Right Up On Goods & Service Tax
ecirculars/050_Ecircular_FSIA_on_New_TDS_Rates_27-9-2009.pdf Latest income tax rates ( TDS) AY 2010-11. FY 09-10
ecirculars/049 Ecircular_FSIA_-_on_I.F.R.S._(05-8-2009).pdf on IFRS - Interational Financial Reporting Standards
ecirculars/048_Ecircular_Budget_July-2009_First_Reactions.pdf On the union Budget 2009
ecirculars/047_Ecircular_Budget_2009_Live_on_Big_Screen at Hotel Delite Budget 2009 LIVE
ecirculars/046_FSIA_E-circular_1-5-2009_SIDBI ROI_drops_to_10.5.pdf Rate of interest at SIDBI  
ecirculars/045_JRD_Tata_Award_for_Salender Singh_Mr.Rajiv Chawla JRD Tata award for Mr Rajive Chawla
ecirculars/044_FSIA_E-circular_27-4-09 serv tax,_Cost Records
ecirculars/042_E-circular1-4-2009 (New TDS challans ,new_Form_16A)
ecirculars/041 Excise Notifications (10 to 8, 12 to 10 ).pdf
ecirculars/040 E-circular 25-2-09(Excise Rate Change).pdf
ecirculars/039 Finance for every Entrepreneur_28Feb09 -.pdf
ecirculars/038 E-circular 30-1-09_CompSecretary@5Crores_, Limited Liab Partnerships4.pdf
ecirculars/037 E-circular 15-1-09_SIDBI Loans_ for members.pdf
ecirculars/036 E-circular 16-1-09_Tax Rates 09-10 AY.pdf
ecirculars/035 Ecircular_22_Dec_MOU-SIDBI_Loans.pdf
ecirculars/034 Dun-Bradstreet December 2008.pdf
Ecircular- 23 oct, 7 year old can file income tax returns.pdf
Ecirculars_2008_ The year of Test of Fire 16 10 08.pdf
Ecircular- 13 oct, stock markets.pdf
E-circular on FBT - for FSIA 2 pg Sept2008 ( Fringe Benefit Tax )
E-Circular reminder of Income Tax Last Dates, (  Sept 2008 to Dec 2008 )
E-circular -Crash of Lehman Brothers 17-9-08. (Stock Mkt Crash in USA)  USD reaches Rs.47/$
Mumbai-Marriot-PE seminar 1-2 Aug08
E-circular 7-7-08 Visit to Mindarika
E-circular CST Rate 3 to 2 (1-6-2008) + new ESI return
E-circular Higher Salary now possible _26-5-2008_
E-circular Finance Act 2008 passed (11-5-2008)
E-circular E-stamping _10-4-2008_
E-circular TDS-Salaries _31-3-2008_
FSIA Marico Awards 25-3-2008
FSIA SAMPLE internet policy 17-3-2008
Ecircular Budget 2008 First Reactions
Ecircular Budget 2008 Live on Big Screen Hotel Delite
FSIA Ecircular 14 Feb 2008 Tax Rates AY 08-09
FSIA Ecircular 9-2-2008 GTZ  Grow 10 times in 10 years
FSIA Ecircular 26-1-2008 -Republic day, e-tax
FSIA Ecircular 11-Dec-2007(Adv Tax, Costing)
E-CIRCULAR - FSIA 11-10-07 
FSIA Ecircular15-8-2007_indep day_FIP,USD,CII
FSIA Ecircular 09-07-2007_Dates, Farewell, TDS
FSIA Ecircular 16-6-2007 TDS, CII,dates
FSIA Ecircular 17-5-2007 _ Budget passed, new ITR forms
FSIA Ecircular 22-4-2007 TDS
Ecircular 8-4-2007 Sales Tax, TDS
Ecircular 19-Mar-2007 Accounts closure
Ecircular 12-Mar-2007 
Ecircular Budget 2007 first reactions
Ecircular Budget 2007
E-circular Pre-Budget 2007 - warm-up
E-Circular Export 23-12-2006 Exports, EOU
E-Circular 5-12-06 ROC only
E-CIRCULAR - FSIA 17-9-06-ITAT case -EPF Late deposit of PF, ESI
E-CIRCULAR - FSIA 5-8-06 income tax new
E-CIRCULAR - FSIA 17-8-06- new 3CD with FSIA notes
MLG E-circular 22-3-2006 ROC matters

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