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"Finsys is one of the top ERP software for Rubber Moulded Components. It is being used in across India and West Asia. Over 65 Factories in the Rubber and Plastic Component Industry have adopted it.

Over 100 screenshots, powerpoints, PDF files, Excel outputs from the Finsys ERP for Rubber Moulding Industry

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Features and Benefits of Finsys ERP

Manufacturing is a strength of Finsys ERP, and we know how to help you configure your Finsys ERP to give you the biggest return on your investment. Finsys ERP for Rubber and Plastics is designed for make-to-stock and make-to-order businesses and provides many benefits, including:

  -  Functionality for single plant and/or global operations,

  -  Embedded CRM for complete workflow for each estimate

  -  Embedded Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  -  Embedded EDI collaboration

  -  Embedded Kanban functionality and Lean Methodologies

  -  Access to real-time data for faster, proactive decisions

  -  Traceability and quality control

  -  Product Life Cycle management

  -  Production and process monitoring

  -  Industry compliant

  -  Serial/lot tracking and quality control

  -  Industry compliance to assure regulations are met you have the confidence in case an audit arises

Finsys Mobile applications solutions give you the power to access ERP data on the go via phones, and tablets, available whenever you need it. It provides you with access to transactions, alerts, reports, dashboards etc. You are not limited to a specific report or a transaction. Built-in tools allow you to create new applications for your users, define access rights and publish functionality that directly talks to your ERP application


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Rubber Moulded Components

for Components of Rubber/ Rubber Metal bonded for Automotive and White Goods


Plastic Molding

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Flexible Packaging

Specialised Plastic Packaging ERP Software. Meant for Extrusion, Flexo Printing, Gravure Printing, Plate Mounting, Lamination, Slitting, Pouching and Bag Making.


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Paints Industries

Manufacturers of Chemicals, Paints, Lacquers, Adhesives, Speciality Coatings


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Finsys ERP for furniture industry is useful for small as well as large furniture industries. Furniture industry is present worldwide and have unique requirements of ERPs.


Auto Components

Manufacturers of Chemicals, Paints, Lacquers, Adhesives, Speciality Coatings


Recent News : Finsys World

Finsys has continuously evolved in these 25 years of its Growth since 1992, Some News clips of recent times. For news 2006 to 2015 click our News Archives

1st Sept 2016

Garment Accessories Manufacturer, awards contract for Finsys ERP for its Plants at Noida and Manesar.
They are Manufacturers and Exporters of Schiffley Embroidery Laces, Schiffley Embroidery Fabrics , Crochet Lace, GPO Laces, GPO Fabrics, Fancy Braids, Appliques Embroidery, Patches, Necks and High Fashion Garment Accessories

26th August 2016

New Order :
New Plant of a Folded Cartons Manufacturer at IMT Manesar. Goes live on Finsys ERP. Linked to its Head office at New Delhi. and Mother Plant in Greater Noida.
The Team at Head office at Ashoka Road, Delhi was happy that now they have the live control

24th August 2016

Gas stove Manufacturer goes online for invoice data : factory plus 7 depots on Finsys ERP. The modules of Purchase, Stores, Sales, VAT, Excise, Accounts went live before this.
Good Work

Dun & Bradstreet Rating

Our International unique D&B D-U-N-SŪ Number Is 67-692-0299
Our Current Rating : SE-2A
Second Highest in India

12th August 2016

New Order :
An Indian MNC with operations in multiple plants across Asia selects Finsys ERP for its recently added plant at Jaipur SEZ . This plants makes Wooden Furniture. End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing.
including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts at Jaipur SEZ, Mahindra World City. ERP training started at Delhi HO

5th August 2016

Toyota online CSV Based upload of invoice data on Toyota Extranet. Integrated with Finsys ERP, for 7 important vendors of Toyota Kirloskar

( who are already working online JIT on Finsys ERP).

29th July 2016

New innovation. Stacking of Heavy Paper Reels. using Bar code Tracing. Where is the Reel stacked ? This question can now be answered LIVE. ABC Packaging Industries Ltd, Gaziabad has successfully implemented this extention of the ERP Software.
Kudos to Team ABC and Team Finsys

21st July 2016

Jaipur SEZ, goes live on WIP of ball bearing parts. Integrated with Finsys ERP, for important vendors of SKF

( who are already working online JIT on Finsys ERP).

2nd April 2016

New Delivery : COGS Method of Accounting. Implemented at a Casting and Machining Company. Two Plants. One at Greater Noida and second in Dharudhera with Head office at New Delhi. Mission Successful. See the Powerpoint at this link : COGS_accounting Finsys

20 April 2016

Accomplishment 100% Live success All 18 modules, that were a part of the contract. LIVE. At Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujarat. at a Automatic Corrugation Packaging Plant.Mission successful, End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing. including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts Congratulations to the Finsys Maharashtra-Gujarat Team.

22nd April 2016

New Delivery :
QR Bar Code based Production Job Cards, for online instruction to the production floor.

Plus for Duplex Paper Issue at a Contract Manufacturer of ITC.
Mission Successful.
Ask us for the Video link :
(The company was already LIVE on Finsys ERP for last 6 years)

17th April 2016

New Order : Another Plastic Moulding Company at Roorkee, Haridwar selects Finsys ERP for its Operations, From Purchase, Sales Stores, Accounts, .Tax, Quality, Planning, HR
and just about everything. Infact a repeat order from a Group with already 4 plants running on Finsys ERP

2 x 2 printer for reel bar codes for Client shipped from New Delhi fully integrated Weighing Machine linkage done

Mission Successful at Mauritius Client goes live on first 2 modules Purchase Stores and parallel in accounts and sales

Event at Bangladesh Click here for complete coverage

E Circular - for Service Tax on Ocean Freight,
27th May 2016 :
E Circular - for Krishi Kalyan Cess, AIR Report,

24th May 2016

New Innovations by Development team,Powerpoint released,

Our Focus Industries

We are working in 17 Industries. Including Corrugation Packaging, Duplex Packaging, Pharma, Garment Accessories, Auto Components, Packaged Food, Electronics, Paints, Chemicals, and so on.

Purchase to Inventory to Vendor Payments


Sales order to Production to Billing to Collection


Accounting, Excise & Sales Tax


Customisation, Quality, Rejections, Wastages


Why People like us?

Reel issue by scanning with Mobile

Just scan the bar code and your material has been issued to concern department.

A Good fall back arrangement. Seniors who are take on , in case the first level does not manage a high end complex business problem
In syc with the changing Technologies.
Bar Codes, Scanners, Mobile Apps, Tabs, I-pads, and Large TV Screen Displays. Factory screens just like the Railway Station / Airport

Despatch Monitoring Screen

Help to monitor despatch with the color coding.

Window Based ERP

Full ERP from Engineering Planning to HR.

Mobile ERP For MD/CEO

MD and CEO level Reports.

Kanban System on Android

Scan the QR Code and inform Vendor to despatch your requirments.

We are the Oracle Gold Partners. Partnerships work ........Together we succeed.


Thanks again of developing team who give the special attention

-Vijay Adlakha Director of Infinity Advertising Group

Excellent Customised ERP. I am Happy to have chosen them

-Shemmugam/ TGI Packaging, Chennai.